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Class Descriptions

  • ALL LEVELS FLOW YOGA – An all-levels heating flow class with a calming and relaxing wind down. Enjoy the challenge of linked poses offering fluid motion with steady, empowering breath. This class features Sun Salutations that flow into other standing and balancing poses. A great start for your week. This class is suitable for all levels of practitioners and welcomes new students as well.

  • ALL LEVELS YOGA – Learn to increase your flexibility, find balance in body and mind, and build stamina with gentle strengthening poses. This class is suitable for all levels of practitioners and welcomes new students as well.

  • EMPOWER FLOW YOGA – Power Flow is ideal for enhancing flexibility and building a stronger mind and body. This class employs yogic breathing techniques to sustain a strenuous heating flow sequence. More advanced poses will be explained and explored in depth, increasing both your ability and understanding. This class is suitable for most levels with some previous yoga experience.

  • GENTLE STRETCH & STRENGTHEN YOGA – This class emphasizes stretching and gentle well-crafted sequences to help release tension and habitual patterns of movement. It helps increase stamina and still the mind. Meditation and/or relaxing restorative poses will be offered to end the class. This class is suitable for beginners, seniors and those working with and/or recovering from injury or disability.

  • INTRO TO YOGA – This is a combined 4-hour workshop for those new to yoga. We’ll work with breath and balance and learn the basic yoga poses with careful alignment. We’ll explore yogic philosophy and mindful meditation as well. It’s the ABC’s of yoga — Align, Breathe and Center. All mats and props provided; just bring yourself in comfortable workout clothing. Pre-Registered and Prepaid only $40 for both sessions. $5 Senior Discount (65+). Sunday, January 26th & February 2nd, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. This class is designed for beginning practitioners without any yoga experience.

  • RESTORATIVE YOGA – This class will begins with gentle stretches and breath work (pranayama) and proceed to supported poses using bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps, allowing your muscles and your mind to let go and enjoy deep calming relaxation. Guided meditation, aromatherapy and soft music will accompany this blissful journey. It includes an introduction to Yoga Nidra – sometimes known as yogic sleep – another path for releasing stress and promoting physical and mental health. This class is suitable for beginners and for those without any previous yoga experience.

  • YOGA BASICS – A safe, alignment-based introduction to yoga in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Build and expand your practice with careful, experienced instruction. Suitable for beginners, this class is also for those recovering from injury, those who have been away from yoga for an extended period and want a fresh start, and those who want a slower, gentler class.

  • YOGA CHALLENGE – This alignment-based class for experienced yoga students is structured to expand your practice while building strength and stamina. An exploration of more challenging poses with modifications and props helps open minds and bodies to new potential. This class includes pose variations, breath work and meditation. It’s suitable for most levels with some previous yoga experience.

  • YOGA FOR EVERYDAY LIFE – This all-levels class offers gentle stretch and careful sequencing to help release tension. This class uses breath and movement to help open hips, hamstrings, necks and shoulders, as well as strengthen core muscles. It’s suitable for beginners and anyone seeking a gentle movement experience.

  • YOGA FOR STRESS RELIEF – Yoga for Stress Relief features breathing techniques and yoga poses to help unwind and relax gently and mindfully. An extended restorative to close the class with guided imagery and meditation helps calm the nervous system and support genuine joy. It’s an all-levels class welcoming beginning students.

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