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Robin DeMent, RYT

YSM Robin DeMent HeadshotRobin DeMent, 200 RYT, offers classes that are alignment-based, focusing on the length, strength and integrated movement of the spine and core muscles. She grounds her classes on the theme of ‘treating with opposites to achieve balance’ – moving the body, breath, mind and heart in opposite ways to much of our everyday life.  She welcomes all students – those new to yoga; those suffering from shoulder, back or hip pain; those dealing with challenges of aging or injury; or those simply wishing to feel more comfortable, calm and balanced in their lives.

YSM Robin DeMent TriangleRobin discovered yoga after suffering years of debilitating back pain that exercise and western medicine could not ease. With 25 years of study in human physiology and related sciences, she embarked on a journey to heal herself through daily rituals of yoga, insight meditation and mindfulness practices. Robin is now a healed, committed student of yoga who concentrates her teaching on the valuable intersection of eastern and western practices, which combine to promote individual inner and outer health, as well as holistic peace and community well-being. Robin relishes the opportunity to share her personal experience, research and insight with others and to inspire them to find their own unique healing power through yoga. She provides a safe, supportive space for students to challenge themselves without judgment and allows their practice to unfold to meet their unique needs and intentions.

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