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Some Bad News

So sorry, but I’ve just learned that we will not be able to open until Phase 3 (unlike previous reports from the State) and that is expected to last at least five more weeks, which would point to early July.
Unfortunately, I don’t expect that I will be able to reopen the studio after this lengthy and totally unexpected closure.
I’ll be having a difficult conversation with my lessor this week. Props will be for sale soon….

Thank you for all your support, Catherine

Try some YouTube yoga with Lesley Fightmaster

So, I’ve always been reluctant to recommend yoga videos since I’m struggling to keep a small studio afloat.
However, these are unusual times and we don’t know yet when we’ll be able to get together again. I’m not interested in teaching online, but I can recommend some (many) YouTube videos by an excellent yoga instructor with the odd name of Lesley Fightmaster. She has her own channel, Fightmaster Yoga, and I believe that her videos are free. She offers a wide assortment of classes, from 10 minutes and up, for beginners, seniors and all the way to more advanced Flow Yoga. She offers slower classes and Restoratives as well, which is a great idea for relaxation in these stressful times.
She is very careful with alignment and great cues, which you all know is crucial for my style of instruction.
So if you’re hungry for yoga, give her YouTube channel a try. She’s who I practice “with” when we’re traveling or I want some fresh practices and ideas.